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Steel Plate Fabrication

All Types Of Sheet Metal Fabrication

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Sheet metal fabrication is a versatile manufacturing process that involves shaping and manipulating sheet metal into various products and components. There are several types of sheet metal fabrication techniques used to achieve different results. Here are some common types of sheet metal fabrication:

  1. Cutting: Cutting is the process of removing excess material from a sheet metal workpiece. It can be accomplished through various methods, including:

    • Shearing: Using a shearing machine to cut straight lines in the metal.

    • Laser cutting: Utilizing a laser beam to precisely cut through the sheet metal.

    • Waterjet cutting: Employing a high-pressure stream of water mixed with abrasive materials to cut through the metal.

  2. Bending: Bending involves deforming a sheet metal workpiece to form angles or curves. The most common bending methods are:

    • Press brake: Using a press brake machine to exert force and create precise bends in the metal.

    • Roll forming: Passing the sheet metal through a series of rollers to gradually form it into a desired shape.

  3. Forming: Forming refers to shaping the sheet metal into complex three-dimensional geometries. Some forming techniques include:

    • Stamping: Using a press to force the sheet metal into a die to create specific shapes and contours.

    • Stretch forming: Stretching the sheet metal over a form or die to achieve complex curves or contours.

    • Spinning: Rotating a sheet metal disc on a lathe while pressing it against a form to create cylindrical or conical shapes.

  4. Joining: Joining methods are used to connect multiple sheet metal pieces together. Common joining techniques include:

    • Welding: Melting the edges of the sheet metal and fusing them together using heat.

    • Riveting: Using rivets to fasten sheets together by inserting and securing them through pre-drilled holes.

    • Adhesive bonding: Applying adhesives specially designed for sheet metal to bond multiple pieces together.

  5. Finishing: Finishing processes are employed to enhance the appearance and protect the sheet metal. Some common finishing methods include:

    • Grinding and sanding: Smoothing out rough edges and surfaces.

    • Powder coating: Applying a durable powder paint to provide a protective and decorative finish.

    • Anodizing: Electrochemically coating the sheet metal with an oxide layer to improve corrosion resistance.

These are just some of the main types of sheet metal fabrication techniques. Depending on the complexity of the project, a combination of these methods may be used to achieve the desired result.


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