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Steel Plate Fabrication

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OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) sheet metal fabrication service refers to the process of producing custom sheet metal components or products according to the specifications and requirements of an original equipment manufacturer. The term "frame" in this context typically refers to a structural framework or chassis made from sheet metal.

OEM sheet metal fabrication services typically involve the following steps:

1. Design and Engineering: The process starts with the design and engineering phase, where the OEM provides the specifications, drawings, and requirements for the sheet metal component or product. This includes dimensions, tolerances, material selection, and any additional features or functionalities.

2. Material Selection: Based on the requirements, the fabrication service will select the appropriate type and grade of sheet metal. Commonly used sheet metal materials include stainless steel, aluminum, carbon steel, and galvanized steel.

3. Cutting and Shearing: The selected sheet metal is cut or sheared into the desired shape and size using various cutting techniques such as laser cutting, plasma cutting, or waterjet cutting. This step ensures precise dimensions and smooth edges.

4. Forming and Bending: The cut sheet metal is then formed and bent using techniques such as press braking, roll forming, or stamping. This process shapes the sheet metal into the desired configuration, including angles, curves, and contours.

5. Welding and Joining: In cases where multiple sheet metal components need to be combined, welding or other joining methods like riveting or adhesive bonding are used. This step ensures the structural integrity and strength of the final product.

6. Surface Finishing: Surface treatments such as grinding, sanding, polishing, or coating may be applied to improve the appearance, durability, and corrosion resistance of the sheet metal component or product.

7. Quality Control: Throughout the fabrication process, quality control measures are implemented to ensure the final product meets the OEM's specifications and requirements. This may involve dimensional inspections, visual inspections, and functional testing.

8. Assembly and Packaging: Once the sheet metal components are fabricated and inspected, they may undergo assembly with other parts or components to create the final product. The finished products are then packaged and prepared for shipment to the OEM.

It's important to note that the specific steps and processes involved in OEM sheet metal fabrication may vary depending on the complexity of the product, the industry, and the capabilities of the fabrication service provider. It is recommended to consult with a reputable fabrication service to discuss your specific needs and requirements.


Steel Plate Fabrication


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